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List of Do’s and Don’ts When Dating as a Christian

As the Christian perspective on dating is different from that of non-Christians, it is quite likely that Christian singles become confused about some concepts that link to dating. We reached out to the experts at to get the latest do’s and don’ts to make the moment less awkward.

1) Always Establish Safety

When you go on a first time date, you should always ensure your safety. If you are a guy, assure the girl that your date will be at a safe place. Girls shouldn’t also allow themselves to be treated at a compromising place.

2) Expect for the Best

Do not constantly worry about how your date would go. When you plan it out carefully, and when you ask for God’s blessing to make it enjoyable, this will give you better confidence during your date. When you fill your thoughts with positive things, you attract the same outcome.

3) Be Confident

This may be hard to pull off especially with the attack of nerves at the presence of your date. But when you keep in mind that you are there to know this person better and that you should have the genuine intentions at heart, you are more likely to feel at ease. Confidence will make you more attractive but do not go too far and end up sounding arrogant.

4) Give Equal Time for Both of You to Talk in Your Conversations

Monopolizing the conversation spells self-centeredness. A sensitive person would allow the other to share their own story without abruptly cutting them off. You should also listen attentively to what the other has to say. This shows good attention and respect.

5) Never Expect too Much on the First Date

As a Christian, you should never expect too much on the first date. Keep your relationship platonic at first so that you do not prematurely proceed to anything that would compromise what you are starting to build. Take it slow. It is better to develop a strong friendship first before diving head on into a romantic relationship.

6) Don’t Share Too Much too Soon

The first date is not the best time to share your deepest secrets. You may be on your way to developing a romantic relationship with this person, but barring too much information may seem to come on too strong. Save those things for later when you fully establish a much stronger and deeper relationship. This will also keep the mystery brewing.

7) Use an Open or Positive Body Language

You should also be mindful of how your body language comes across. Maintain eye contact and face your date when you are talking. This shows interest and an open attitude towards the date. Avoid crossing your hands or pointing your body and your feet away from the other person. This might give the impression that you are in a hurry to get out of there. And always remember to smile, it is the easiest way to lighten the mood.

8) Be Respectful

Even though you both share the same faith, you should always be open and respectful of any beliefs that your date has even if they are not similar to yours. Christian dating should center around respect and an openness to listen if you want to know the other better. Do not play the holier-than-thou card and make your conversation sound more like a sermon instead of an interesting exchange.